Genetically Modified Organisms : Pros and Cons

It is getting difficult today to find farm products that are not birthed by GMOs. Most nations rely on them for the improvement of their food production. However, there have been controversies on whether they are harmful to your health or not.

Food health issues should not be kept from the public. So, this article will address all you need to know about GMOs, including their pros and cons.

What are GMOs?

GMO is the acronym for Genetically Modified Organism. They are organisms that have gone through some DNA modifications under some genetic engineering technology. GMO crops are enhanced. Their growth is improved, they are pest resistant and easy to cultivate. Their sustainability and nutritional contents have been scientifically enhanced too.

The processes at which crops are produced are accelerated using some scientific techniques during the genetic modification. These modifications give the plants some certain unnatural traits.

For instance, BT corn which is a common GMO crop has been modified to produce BT toxin. BT toxin is an insecticide which has pest resistance abilities. For this reason, farmers will not be needing actual pesticides.

Can the new traits be harmful to your health?

Many people claim that GMO foods may be harmful to human health, but most notable organizations after various researches have suggested that they are safe and sustainable for human consumption.

Most farm products in the market today were planted with GMOs. This means that most of the agricultural products you eat or buy in the supermarket contain GMOs. These products have been checked and tested by food security agencies. If they are not consumable, they would not be found on shelves.

Since there are no provable disadvantages of GMO foods, one can ask, what are its advantages?

Advantages of GMO foods

There are several things to benefit from the growth and consumption of GMOs. Here are some of them.

1. They reduce the risks of pesticide contamination

GMOs help reduce the risks of contamination that could occur through the use of pesticides in the farm. They have been genetically infused with BT gene which produces protein toxins to repel insects and pests.

This in turns saves the farmer the expenses of applicable pesticides.

2. They are more nutritious

When you have the chance to remodify the genes of your crops, the nutrition value will not be left out of course. GMOs are enhanced crops and their nutrition values are enhanced too. An example of such nutritionally enhanced produce is the golden rice.

3. They look and smell better.

Another reason to enjoy your GMO produce and products is their attractiveness. Who doesn’t love the fresh smell and appearance of their food? Thanks to genetic mutation.

4. They yield more produce.

GMOs are durable crops. Asides the fact that they are mutated to grow bigger and produce more than the usual, they are not easily destroyed by natural factors like drought or pests. For this reason, they yield more at harvest in healthy conditions.

GMOs are good options to boost not only the nourishment value of farm products. They also boost the agricultural economy of the nation and productivity of the farmers.

Research shows that GMOs are non-threatening to your health. They are rather beneficial to you as consumers and as farmers. You are what you eat, so eat well and stay healthy.