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Updated: 01.12.2020

Solar Panels : Are You Also Saving On Your Electricity Costs ?

Switching to clean solar energy and benefiting as a homeowner from producing your own electricity is the wisest option to go for today.

Solar technology has tremendously improved in the last 10 years making it so much easier (for millions of people) to implement and take advantage of great benefits both financially and ecologically.

With solar incentives and new advantageous government scheme offered to homeowners, the efficiency of installing solar panels has never been more evident.

If you are a homeowner and you’re thinking about producing your own electricity, you are on the right path!

Why ?

You can take advantage of the solar incentives available for you today and all the benefits you can claim and receive.

People are going crazy about the new government scheme that clearly gives opportunity for every homeowner to take advantage of the great financial and ecological benefits. Not only we can reduce the carbon footprint, but we can also start generating income out of our solar install !

Considering that there are millions of homeowners willing to benefit from solar install, it becomes evident from anyone out there to start learning more about solar installations and why you should get one the quickest way possible.

Why should you consider installing solar panels?

There are Many benefits to be considered :

  1. Solar power is not taxable: Energy generated by solar panels and sent back to the grid is not taxable.
  2. Solar power is free: Generating power from your panels does not imply any costs. Energy received from the sun is renewable and free.
  3. Solar power is unlimited: Unlike fossil energy, solar power is sustainable and inexhaustible. It is more than enough to meet millions of households needs.
  4. Solar power is green: Using solar energy is environmentally friendly. It is non-polluting for our planet and safer for our children.
  5. Solar power is low maintenance: Using a residential solar system requires very little maintenance. Removing dust and debris is the only thing you might need to do.
  6. Solar power generates income: By using solar power, you reduce your energy bills, save money and you start generating income by feeding your extra-energy back to the grid.


This screenshot is used for illustration only

If the choice on the solar panels is well made, people can see their electricity bill down to $0, this is possible when they generate more electricity than what they consume! 


How do you APPLY?

It may turn to be a confusing decision when it comes to what type of solar panels to install or what company to go with.
Rest assured that you are not the only one who is skeptical about this type of business, our advise is ALWAYS to receive different quotations and hear from different sources, then once the picture is clear you can make your own opinion and see what can be the best fit for you.

You can also use this new Free service, an adviser will check with you what are your needs and suggest you different solutions that shall be suitable for your particular case, and the most important : no obligation to buy anything!

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