5 Fitness Trends For This Year

Fitness Trend

The outbreak of COVID19 and the lockdown worldwide has influenced the world in multiple ways. It has influenced people economically, socially and even personally. 

One of the ways people have been influenced by the lockdown is in the aspect of fitness. With the closure of gyms and other public places, a lot of people switched to home fitness routines and individual workouts.

Many people took to different new patterns of workouts. In the quest to regulate between the post-lockdown ecstasy and the fitness goals, there have been creations of new fitness trends.

These are five fitness trends you should keep up with in this year.

1- Maintenance of hygiene standards at gyms

Normalcy has been restored in most parts of the world as the lockdown has been lifted. Thanks to the availability of the COVID19 vaccine. However, it is a gradual process till everyone has gotten the vaccine and gym enthusiasts have been resuming to the gyms. 

Hygiene maintenance protocols should be observed to ensure that the virus is contained till the vaccine gets to everyone. Gym owners and trainers should ensure that group training and equipment-based training is avoided. Social distancing should be observed and everyone should sanitize before and after touching any equipment in the gym.

2- Balancing health and fitness

Health and fitness are two important things that cannot be separated. One cannot be physically fit if he is not healthy. You should get a balance between your fitness and your well-being. 

Engage yourself in programs that positively influence your health and fitness goals on both short and long terms. Healthy feeding is important too.

3- Connection between mind and body training

Most people are now finding ways to combine their body fitness training with some mind themed exercises like yoga, Pilates and so on. This is a good thing as it would restore your mind's peace especially after having to stay indoors and away from socialization for several months during the lockdown.

You should hop on this trend too to keep you both physically and mentally fit to handle all the stress that comes after the lockdown.

4- Specialized programs for the risk groups

The risk groups involve the aged and people with health challenges. They are people in need of programs to keep them up and healthy.

There are specialized fitness programs to help them towards their health and fitness goal. These training can be held in small groups and in secure environments. There can be guided digital training to easily bring the workouts to them.

5- Online Fitness is here to stay

We live in a digital world, and the occurrences of the last year have shown the importance and potential of the internet at enhancing human lives.

Of course, you can always walk to the gym in your locality since everyone is allowed to move following the curfew relief. But you would be gaining a lot for less by adopting digital exercise programs to train and maintain your fitness.

Online digital training is flexible and it comes with a specialized guidance that helps in your workout.

What more could you ask for?

There you have the list of five fitness trends you should keep up with in this year. Stay fit, stay healthy and know that COVID19 is not yet a thing of the past. You should try your best and do your part at ensuring that it becomes a thing only in history.