Belly Fat Exercises To Make You Fit And Healthy

Belly fat has been a problem many people have had to deal with over a long period of time in their lives. It can be frustrating and annoying especially if you are someone with so much desire for fitness and good health. The good news is that you can get rid of belly fat in little time and make yourself healthier with simple exercises you shall be seeing as you read further.

There are lots of exercises out there that could help you to keep fit, but it is important to note that not many of them are effective at helping you burn your belly fat.

Here are some of the types of exercises that have been proven as effective at helping with weight loss, burning belly fat, keeping fit and maintaining good health.

1- Crunches

Crunches are effective exercises at helping to tone your belly muscles and helping you attain a flat tummy. This exercise is commonly recommended for people on weight loss programs. It is a simple exercise to do. You should start by laying on your back, bending and lift your knees to point upwards with your feet flat on the floor. Keep your hands locked at the back of your head and relax your belly. Now start lifting and lowering your upper body with the aid of your belly muscles.

Breathe out while you are lifting your torso and in while you are lowering it. Good breathing helps to supply oxygen needed to the muscles in the necessary areas during the exercise.

Asides belly flattening and belly muscles toning, there are other health benefits you can derive from this exercise if done regularly and properly.

2- Pilates

Pilates are exercises that involve stretching, posture shaping, fat burning and stomach muscles strengthening. This exercise carries a lot of benefits at keeping you healthy and fit. With good posture and consistency at this exercise, you will lose a great deal of your body fat in little time.

There are several variants of the Pilates exercise. There are several videos on the internet to guide and coach you on doing the Pilates appropriately. You could also learn to do the Pilates by getting a personal fitness trainer or enrolling in a gym class.

A major perk of the Pilates is that it makes you look more active and younger than your age.

3- Isometrics

Isometric exercises are exercises that involve you holding still in a position for a specific amount of time. Isometrics can be on postures ranging from standing to sitting. You can also perform isometric exercises while lying down.

These exercises involve you attaining a spot and contracting your abdominal muscles for some time in reps. For example, you could contract your belly muscles for 10 seconds and release it for another 10 seconds and repeat for as many times as you want.

Isometrics are convenient exercises that allow you to multitask and do other things such as read a book or watch your favorite TV show while you exercise.

Isometrics are not limited to just comfortably contracting and releasing your belly muscles alone, there are other isometric exercises that are more tasking such as planking and wall sitting.

4- Cardio Exercises

From the word “cardiovascular” which refers to things pertaining to the heart, cardio exercise are exercises that engage the heart and make it pump blood faster. However, such engagements involve the movement of the whole body in a continuous motion for a relatively long period of time.

Cardio exercises help you burn a very high amount of fat not only from your belly but from your body as a whole.

These exercises are energy driven exercises and can make you really sweaty. Examples are; running, rope jumping, dancing, cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, swimming, jogging and boxing.

You should know that for the efficiency of cardio exercises to help you lose belly fat, you should increase the intensity of your exercises with time.

5- Aerobics

Speaking of exercises that help your heart and lungs function better while also offering you the opportunity to burn the disturbing fat in your belly. Aerobics are exercises that have been recommended for people on weight loss programs.

There are little or no differences between aerobics and cardio exercises except in the intent and target of the exercises. Aerobics target the heart and lungs while cardio targets the heart.

Most cardio exercises fall in the list of aerobic exercises as well. Aerobics covers exercises such as hiking, running, skiing, spinning, jumping on the trampoline and many others.


Exercising is a good way to maintain good health and the types of exercises above will help you to take that load of fat off your belly. However, exercising consistently alone may not help you to attain the shape and form you desire as fast as you want without a good diet system.

Eat well, sleep well, exercise consistently and drink a lot of water. You will certainly find yourself looking so radiant, healthy and fit in little to no time.