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Updated: 01.12.2020

Why people are in love with solar panels

There are some real benefits that no one dares to talks about when it comes to solar panels!
It may be controversial but it makes perfect sense why even the Electric utility companies may not want you to get too comfortable with the idea of using renewable energy.

In the United States, just as in any other country, energy is one of the most regulated commodities out there. And rightfully so considering the government takes its cut of all energy use by imposing an energy tax.

Sure, one can argue that it is the energy companies that are being taxed but how do you think these companies are able to survive? They survive by passing the tax on to you, The Consumer.

Just to give you a perspective on how lucrative of a business this is for the electric utility companies, consider this. The United States alone consumes more than 20.8 million barrels of petroleum and 3 million tons of coal every single day.

Yes, I said every single day. So just imagine how much money the electric utility companies is making off all the energy each one of us is using each day.

You might also be interested in the fact that the president’s 2020 budget has included a major energy tax hike which the president is counting on to help fund the government bailout and stimulus spending. This energy tax program is scheduled to run through the year 2050 and many experts estimate it could cost Americans many trillions of dollars.

Keeping this in mind, consider these advantages of solar power and why the electric utility companies might not want you to use alternative energy as much as you might think.

Pro #1: Solar Power Is Difficult to Regulate

When considering all of the pros and cons of solar power, this one in particular might be the most important one to consider for your future. As I have already said, with the new energy tax the cost of energy is about to drastically increase and will continue to do so for the next 40 years.

This is why one of the biggest pros of solar power is that it is difficult for the government to tax at the source.

It is difficult to regulate solar power because you get solar energy directly from the sun instead of power plant where the government is able to measure exactly how much power you use.

And for those of you waiting for solar farms to start popping up, you can expect this energy to be taxed no different than oil and coal.

Pro #2: Solar Power Is Free

Also when weighing the pros and cons of solar power you have to consider the fact that solar power is free. Yes, there is a cost associated with a solar power system which is required in order to collect the solar power but that is only a one time cost. The solar power itself is free.

And as the price of energy continues to rise, the price of solar energy never will. In fact, the more expensive energy gets, the more money you will save with solar power.

Pro #3: Solar Power Is Unlimited

I am sure you have heard about the current energy crisis and how if we continue to use oil at the same and increasing rate we currently are then we will eventually run out. At some point, we will not be able to produce as much oil as we consume.

Although this will not happen overnight, you can expect the price of energy to increase as energy consumption continues to rise and we get closer and closer to running out of oil.

Pro #4: Solar Power is Low Maintenance

We are so used to having direct access to power from the power company without ever having to think about. And everyone would like to keep their home energy system much the same way. So the last thing you want is to build a home energy system that requires a lot of maintenance.

Solar panels contain no moving parts which makes them very low maintenance and which is one of the big benefits of solar power. All that is really required is a yearly rinse or two in order to remove dust and debris build up that can reduce the efficiency of a solar panel over time.

Pro #5: Solar Power Does Not Pollute

Another great pro of solar power is that it is a renewable energy source that does not pollute the earth.

While most people are focused more on the cost savings, being environmentally friendly is still a great benefit. In fact there are not too many ways to save money that involve helping the future of our planet.

On the other hand, most of the home electricity from the power grid is generated by burning coal. When coal is burned it releases carbon dioxide as one of its byproduct which is primary cause of global warming.

It also releases many other harmful substances like sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are the leading causes of acid rain, smog, and air toxins.

You should also be aware of the negative health effects of heavy metals. When coal is burned it also releases many of these very same heavy metals into the air including mercury, arsenic, and cadmium.

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