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Updated: 01.12.2020

How US Homeowners are making Huge savings ?

Savvy American homeowners are saving hundreds of dollars yearly on their energy costs without relying on solar panels.

If you’re looking to cut down your energy costs the quickest way possible, then getting your home’s windows replaced is the smartest investment decision you can take.

Homeowners, can make huge savings going up to $465 per year (as published by by just upgrading their windows to energy efficient ones.

The US Department of Energy is encouraging all homeowners to take advantage of this new scheme and making all its services available to facilitate this move.

By using this FREE web service, it is now possible to check if you qualify for this money savings by removing your old windows and getting a replacement for New energy-efficient ones instead.


How to receive financing services for new energy windows ?

By making the choice of energy efficiency windows, homeowners in every state can benefit from:

  • Big rebates and offers from the utility company
  • Energy incentives offered by local governments and state agencies
  • Monthly home energy savings
  • Huge Increase in the value of their homes

We already made the research for our readers and we consider this FREE service among the best in helping them to find out the available rebates for every state in the US.

This is the perfect time to start taking advantage of this saving service today.



  1. Select your state and complete the short questionnaire
  2. A local Professional will present you the best options
  3. Review your favorite options and start your saving program

NOTE : We are an independent service, we do not sell windows and we do not offer consultancy for a fee.

At GeniusTricks we always try to find the best deals for our readers from thousands of offers available on the market!

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